#BHIM app for UPI : Part II: Without Internet

If you are NOT having a smart phone, but only a feature phone. This is how it works- 

No smart phone? No problem! The same functions can be done using the SMS system from your feature phone: This is how it works:

Step 1: Registration
 Dial *99#

 Select a language, the system shows all bank accounts linked to

the mobile number.

Step 2: Set UPI PIN

 No UPI PIN is required for receiving money.

 Enter {last 6 numbers of the debit cards} {expiry date MMYY} separated by single space.

 Enter the 4 digit UPI PIN and then re-enter.

Financial Transactions

 Dial *99#. It shows the following options

1. Send Money

2. Request Money

3. Check Balance

4. My Profile

5. Pending Requests

6. Transactions


Money can be sent using mobile number, Aadhaar number, IFSC & Account number, MMID & Mobile Number, VPA (Virtual Payment Address, e.g., mobile@upi) and following subsequent easy to understand instruction.

Requesting Money

 Dial *99# and choose option “request money”.

 Enter mobile number from whom to receive money and follow easy instructions till a confirmation is received.

Other functions

 By selecting other options of the first menu that is shown on dialing *99#, the user can easily check the balance, respond to pending requests, change the bank account (through my profile), see all the transactions, reset the UPI PIN, etc.

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