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India testing Land Registry & KYC over Blockchain Technology

India’s state – Andhra Pradesh tests Land Registry on Blockchain, The government of India’s Andhra Pradesh state has partnered with Swedish start-up ChromaWay to build its blockchain-based solution It is estimated that $700 million is being paid

Ethereum? – Vitalik Buterin, Co-Founder explains it….

Want to Learn More About Ethereum? Ethereum Co-Founder Explains His Cryptocurrency IN BRIEF SEE VIDEO: https://youtu.be/WSN5BaCzsbo Speaking last week at TechCrunch’s Disrupt 2017 in San Francisco, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin described what his cryptocurrency does in his own

About bitcoin and its Recent Fall

Key questions you need answered about bitcoin and the Recent Fall Bitcoin has dominated the financial pages over the past few weeks – here’s everything you need to know about it, and so called cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies, the

Why Most ICO’s Will Fail: A Cold Hard Truth — An in-depth guide

In this guide you will learn why most ICO’s Will Fail.. On June 12, 2017, an Ethereum based called Bancor held its ICO. It raised $153 million in 3 hours. No, you are not reading it wrong, 153 million…..in 3 hours!!!

Bitcoin ATM (B.Card/B.Wallets) in India, to grow Global ATM Market

The growing need for automated teller machines including Bitcoin ATMs in India, is propelling the growth of the global ATM market, says the latest global ATM market report. Current no of ATM is 1000+ , which collates the location

Blockchain Technology & International Trade

International trading involves many participants all around the globe including high value #Payments or funds transfer. These participants may not necessarily have the needed trust of all parties, especially at the initial stages, when newcomers join the