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WhatsApp : New Payment Feature

#DigitalPayments #WhatsAppPayments 10 Pointers to Know & Activate (UPI Powered) WhatsApp Payments For Dummies – activate for own and while paying ANY other WhatsApp user #Download: Step by Step Guide in the end.   1. Go to

WhatsApp Grp – Bitcoin | Cryptocurrency | Blockchain

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Wallets Oppose New Inter-operability Regulation – In Fear

Wallet companies fear new rules may cripple industry – Opposes New Inter-operability Regulation. While on Oct 5th I wrote to you about the positive side of this regulation hitting the payment-industry “Mobile Wallet – InterOperability – Who

India testing Land Registry & KYC over Blockchain Technology

India’s state – Andhra Pradesh tests Land Registry on Blockchain, The government of India’s Andhra Pradesh state has partnered with Swedish start-up ChromaWay to build its blockchain-based solution It is estimated that $700 million is being paid

Mobile Wallet – InterOperability – Who gets the Boost?

Wallet InterOperability Soon to Start – Whats in here… Reported by ET,  RBI on Wednesday said, “interoperability amongst KYC compliant Prepaid Payment Instruments (PPIs) will be implemented within six months of the date of issuance of the revised

AR, VR & AI – change the way we pay World

 AR, VR & AI – change the way we pay World -Mastercard The increasing adoption and use of smartphones is raising consumer expectations of immediate responses and immediate access to goods and services. This need for immediacy is also leading

Bitcoin ATM (B.Card/B.Wallets) in India, to grow Global ATM Market

The growing need for automated teller machines including Bitcoin ATMs in India, is propelling the growth of the global ATM market, says the latest global ATM market report. Current no of ATM is 1000+ , which collates the location

Fastest Growing Tech Company Fingerprint Cards – Sweden

This year, the growth rate in EMEA varied from 212% to 28,126%, with an average growth rate of 967%. The winner, with the highest growth rate of28,126%, was Fingerprint Cards from Sweden. They develop and market fingerprinting

#BHIM app for UPI : Part II: Without Internet

If you are NOT having a smart phone, but only a feature phone. This is how it works-  No smart phone? No problem! The same functions can be done using the SMS system from your feature phone:

Indian Payment Ecosystem – Dark Side

By Ritesh Kumar In any country around the globe are majorly three industries which shapes the technology backbone and infrastructure (banking, telecom, and retail), but in the country like India the role played by all these industries